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Created by Enea Jahollari

injectParams is a helper function that allows us to inject params from the current route as a signal.

Having params as a signal helps in a modern angular signals based architecture.

import { injectParams } from 'ngxtension/inject-params';


injectParams when is called, returns a signal with the current route params.

standalone: true,
template: '<div>{{params() | json}}</div>',
class TestComponent {
params = injectParams();

If we want to get the value for a specific param, we can pass the name of the param to injectParams.

template: `
@if (user()) {
<div>{{ }}</div>
} @else {
<div>No user!</div>
class TestComponent {
userId = injectParams('id'); // returns a signal with the value of the id param
user = derivedFrom(
switchMap((id) => this.userService.getUser(id).pipe(startWith(null))),

Or, if we want to transform the params, we can pass a function to injectParams.

class TestComponent {
paramsKeys = injectParams((params) => Object.keys(params)); // returns a signal with the keys of the params