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Created by Chau Tran

When a Component/Directive has an Input with object as value, it is common that the Input has some default object value and can accept a partial of the new value. Normally, whatever the consumers pass in will be used as-is which the default object value will be overridden completely.

mergeInputs is a simple transform utility that can help merge the new input value with the default object value so that default value is kept.

import { mergeInputs } from 'ngxtension/inject-inputs';


const defaultOptions = { foo: 'default foo', bar: 123 };
@Component({ standalone: true, template: '' })
class Foo {
options = input(defaultOptions, { transform: mergeInputs(defaultOptions) });
<!-- a partial object is passed in -->
<app-foo [options]="{ foo: 'updated foo'}" />