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Created by Fiorelo Zere

injectDocumentVisibility is a utility function that provides a reactive signal reflecting the current visibility state of the document. This function is particularly useful for scenarios such as tracking user presence on a webpage (e.g., for analytics or pausing/resuming activities) and can be adapted for use with iframes or in testing environments.

import { injectDocumentVisibility } from 'ngxtension/inject-document-visibility';


injectDocumentVisibility accepts an optional parameter options which can include a custom document and an Injector instance. The document parameter is particularly useful for testing scenarios or when needing to track the visibility of an iframe. The injector allows for dependency injection, providing more flexibility and facilitating testable code by decoupling from the global state or context.

const visibilityState = injectDocumentVisibility();
effect(() => {


function injectDocumentVisibility(
options?: InjectDocumentVisibilityOptions,
): Signal<DocumentVisibilityState>;


  • options (optional): An object that can have the following properties:
    • document: A custom Document instance, defaulting to the global document object.
    • injector: An Injector instance for Angular’s dependency injection.


  • Signal<DocumentVisibilityState>: A reactive signal that emits the current DocumentVisibilityState (e.g., "visible", "hidden") and updates when the document visibility state changes.