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ngxtension is a utilities library for Angular. It consists of a variety of utilities that make Angular development easier and more consistent.

The project is kick-started by Chau along with Enea and it is fully open-sourced. We welcome contributions of all kinds. If you have an issue or idea, please let us know Find yourself adding something over and over again to every Angular projects? That is something we want to have in ngxtension. We intend for ngxtension to be ”anything goes” but with careful consideration as well as up-to-standard Angular code so that ngxtension can become a one-stop shop for every Angular developer out there.

Bundle-size Consideration

The library is entirely consisted of Secondary Entry Point. Even though we ship ngxtension as one package (so it is easy for consumers to install), Angular build pipeline should handle code-splitting and tree-shaking properly for all the entry points that ngxtension comes with.

The GZIP size badge (if available) is provided by bundlejs and it is shown as the bundled size of the entry point and all of its ngxtension dependencies. For example, ngxtension/connect depends on ngxtension/assert-injector so the GZIP size badge of ngxtension/connect will be the bundled size of ngxtension/connect and ngxtension/assert-injector.