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Svg Sprites

Created by Robby Rabbitman

A directive for rendering symbols of svg sprites. It is done with the use element.


import { NgxSvgSpriteFragment } from 'ngxtension/svg-sprite';


In this example the symbol github of the fontawesome svg sprite fa-brands is rendered. A symbol is identified by a fragment. Learn more about URLs.

<svg fragment="github" sprite="fa-brands"></svg>

Without NgxSvgSpriteFragment:

<svg viewBox="0 0 496 512">
<use href="assets/fontawesome/sprites/brands.svg#github"></use>

With Directive Composition Api

In your project you can utilize the Directive Composition Api to create specific svg sprites.

In this example a fontawesome brands svg sprite is created.

<svg faBrand="github"></svg>
selector: 'svg[faBrand]',
standalone: true,
hostDirectives: [
{ directive: NgxSvgSpriteFragment, inputs: ['fragment:faBrand'] },
export class FaBrandSvg {
constructor() {
inject(NgxSvgSpriteFragment).sprite = 'fa-brands';


In order to render a symbol, sprites have to be provided.

name: 'fa-brands',
baseUrl: 'assets/fontawesome/sprites/brands.svg',

The name property can reference any arbitrary value, but should be unique, since you can register multiple different svg sprites.

The sprite input of the NgxSvgSpriteFragment should reference the name property of a provided sprite.

Auto View Box

When a symbol of an svg sprite is rendered the viewBox attribute or height and width should be set. The svg element does not copy/use the viewBox attribute of the symbol in the svg sprite, therefore the svg will have default dimensions of 300x150 px, which is probably not preferred.

Per default when an svg sprite is registered, the svg sprite is fetched with js in addition. NgxSvgSpriteFragment will copy the viewBox attribute of the symbol to its host.

This behavior can be disabled.

Disable via DI

Auto View Box is disabled for the svg sprite.

name: 'fa-brands',
baseUrl: 'assets/fontawesome/sprites/brands.svg',
autoViewBox: false,

Disable via autoViewBoxDisabled Input

Auto View Box is disabled for a svg element, when the autoViewBoxDisabled input is set to false.

<svg fragment="github" sprite="fa-brands" autoViewBoxDisabled></svg>

Disable via viewBox Attribute

Auto View Box is disabled for a svg element, when the viewBox attribute already is defined.

<svg fragment="github" sprite="fa-brands" viewBox="0 0 32 32"></svg>


When the classes function is set, a list of classes will be added by the NgxSvgSpriteFragment to its host.

name: 'my-sprite',
baseUrl: 'path/to/my/sprite.svg',
classes: (fragment) => ['some-class', `some-other-class-${fragment}`],


Per default when providing a sprite, the url will return '${baseUrl}#${fragment}'. This can be overwritten:

name: 'my-sprite',
baseUrl: 'path/to/my/sprite.svg',
url: (baseUrl, fragment) => `${baseUrl}#some-prefix-${fragment}`,